Friday, June 13, 2008

So it begins...

Why are we blogging?  Because we recognize that to create a "church" we can't do it alone...we need the rest of the body to do its part and help shape an organism that is living, breathing and capable of bringing real change.  That is the heart behind "Collapse of the Cookie Cutter." 
So many churches that are started today model themselves after other churches that are drawing in large numbers of people.  There are seminars and training events that give you how to's, theories, opinions, books, etc. that show how to build a good church.   These can be good and effective, however my heart in being  the church begins with the belief that God is looking to do something new, something fresh, something that can only be birthed in his heart, not in a book to be bought.  

My plan with this blog is to throw out subjects, ideas, questions and more that we can discuss here in virtual world and in time move them from here to the real world.  Come join us for what we believe will be the beginning of an incredible adventure!!.


Mari said...

Looking forward to our second "date". Enjoyed getting to know you both a little better and hear your hearts. There was definitely an excitement in the air after the meeting.

ziondreamer said...

wait, what is this? sounds fun.